Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Doctor vs Police

It happens during the holiday when I got back home from Jakarta. I can’t stop mumbling about stories how difficult my life is being a medical student. I keep telling my Daddy and Mummy how hard, hectic,chaotic, crazy life being a doctor.

We were on the way to Kampung, in the car I tell them all those horrible exaggerated true story about doctors almost the whole road trip…

Then suddenly my dad said:

Ayah: Being a policeman is much harder than being a doctor.

Me: No way. Being a doctor is much harder! We save LIVES for God sakes.

Ayah: A policeman. Do you know why?

Me: Why?

Ayah: We save LIVES and MONEY (possessions) !

Me: Oh..Psstt! -_-“

Doctor vs Police !


  1. IZA----haha... that is FUNNY! being me is soo much fun!?

  2. yeah i bet so... u should make ur own blog ...