Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Japan Fever: Kebaya Kimono

It's the time of the year. Time everybody waiting for. Sakura flower blooming. Only for 1 week for people to witness this beautiful gorgeous little sakura flower.

But in Malaysia we also having a Japan fever. Its a kebaya kimono. Very stylish comfy and also cover our aurah.

 However I personally think that this time around, kebaya kimono will go big this year. This is because this phenomenally popular fashion piece has been among the top favourite style to be worn this coming Hari Raya. Try pairing it with a pair of high heels, luxury handbag, a perfect Muslimah bottom and some accessories to get the perfect Raya look!
So what are you waiting for? Go get kebaya kimono online to make you this year’s Hari Raya a memorable one!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Our Little Light of Heaven

Our love. Our life. Our hope. Baby Inara ; was born on 28th May 2014 at 0802 h. She was 3.75 kg. May u be a good khalifah in this world syg.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Primi Gravida Story

Still can remember vividly the moment we knew i was pregnant. I was 2 weeks late from my period. My husband (Rizal) insist of waiting for him before I did my UPT (he was working in Perlis while i was still in KL).
We did it together.
The line was clear. 2 stokes!! And i was pregnant at 6 weeks!

We were so overwhelmed. We goggled and see Inara was the size of a grain at that time.

First trimester was the worst. I had a bad morning sickness. I vomitted in the car almost every morning. I once had wear scrubs in the ward because i puke on my shirts. Lucky i lived with my parents, my mum knows the best. She helps me get through day by day. 

Second trimester, yes. That's when i feels the best. We started to do shopping for Inara and babymoon trip to Tioman Island. It was the best. 

Third trimester, hmmm. I was lucky to work in the same hospital with Rizal. He supports me in a lot ways. I was doing my last cycle as house officer. Anesthesia department was so nice to me. That's why Inara finally came to this world as a healthy cute perfect little girl.


I was so pregnant #35weeks

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Our big day!!

from Anakwayang on Vimeo.
 { Izreen & Rizal } Majlis Pernikahan - 16 Ogos 2013

The Solemnization
 16th August 2013 (9 Syawal 1434h)
The day we declare our love to the world. How obvious we both look so nervous and tying to cover it up in this video. But, Alhamdulillah we are now husband & wife.
As Allah destined us long time ago and he was always there for me since long time ago.


from Anakwayang on Vimeo.
{ Izreen & Rizal } Majlis Persandingan 180819

Reception at Putrajaya International Convention Centre.
Really does feel like King & Queen. Thank you for all the friends and family who come to our wedding. We are honored.  Especially to Tun Hanif(The longest serving IGP in Malaysia) and Toh Puan.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Engagement

We known for more then 6 years.
Never thought we are meant for each other. We r just friends. Good friends. In fact he is my neighbour!!
But Allah swt is great.
His planned for us is beyond expectation.
I'm lucky to finally 'found' him and his lovely family.

Pray that this one step closer.. Bringing us closer to Jannah as well..


Here are some raw pictures to share this amazing moments.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Amazing Race For French Lace !

 Phew... We just got back from Jakarta to find our wedding materials. Especially for the engagement.Went there with Mama, Baam & Rizal... Amazing race for French Lace... 
First Stop! EAT! At Lekka, Iga Bakar. Well, mama loves it so much.. 
(yang penting tak sakit perut) 

The two Handsome Bosser


Mama is very effective... First shop we go in, we straight away bought the kain.. Guess which one i choose? 

Rizal  make me do it.. sitting next to Groom forever waiting for his Bride.. (scary huh?)

 Nie tengah rambang mata... Seriously, your brain just can't think being in millions of cloth and colours and material..

Rizal: saya suke pink. saya mat bunge! (peace yo!)
Izreen: takpe Rizal, this colour is dark pink, macho je.. 

Taa-daah! after 2 hours 

 Dah cari kain nak cari, scaft pulak... 
 Pening nye cari kain...
 Mama also get one set while waiting for us to decide... cekap cekap~ ! go mama!
 Kire budget!!
 Day 1 : Mayestik. Accomplish!

 Day 2: Breakfast At Grand Tropica before starts another day for Nikah's & Reception's kain...

 Mama snap the pic while im not ready
 Mama: Gambar PASSPORT!

 You & Me
 Special Smile And Mak Ngah's Pose for Hani.

Classic Smile!

Having last farewell lunchion at Central Park Nanny's. 

Credit to 
Ayah (the boss, the sponsor)
Mama (for being very supportive & understanding)
Baam (my little brother, who willing to tahan long hours of us choosing the kain)
Rizal ( for being there all the time! )

Mission Accomplish!!