Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Gift of Live

I was just searching and doing some reading to increase my knowledge about Malaysia Health promotion programs. Then I stuck at this particular page...

Register for Organ Transplant

Kidding right? I'm serious!!
We never thought an organ transplant can happen in developing country. We don't have the technology as good as USA. Our law is strict that there is no black market for organ transplant like in India, China and Thailand.


Kidney Transplant (1975)
A bussinessman received a kidney donor from his brother.
Until 1995, 518 patients undergone kidney transplantation surgery. 509 cases are from living donor dan 9 are from cadaveric donor.

Liver Transplant (1995)
20 liver transplantation were successfully performed in this country.

Heart Transplant (1997)
First heart transplant was in December 1997, while the second and third successful surgeries were done in 1998. One of the successful heart transplant surgeries is the heart transplant surgeries performed on R.Sethurugnan. He is one of the heart recipients who live as a normal individual. He suffered an acute heart disease prior to the transplant.

Other then that, Malaysia has record sucessful transplant surgeries for some tissues such as eye cornea, bone and bone marrow.

Lung and pancreas transplant have never performed in Malaysia due to donor unavailability, not because of unavailability of the expertise or equipment.

In Malaysia we have a Malaysia Society of Transplantation since 1994.
You can find the answers about Organ donating...


We heard some say organ donating is haraam because it inflicts physical damage and pain to the deceased. But according to Fatwas around the world says that organ transplantation is a must.
Even in Malaysia (JAKIM). The law for organ transplantation is allowed with the permission from the donor prior before passing away or brain dead.

In Qur'an
Surah Al-Maidah, verse 32

" if anyone saves a life, it will be as if he saves the life of all mankind"

Every year, thousand of Malaysians in dire need of an organ transplantat die before a donor can be found.
This is a noble option indeed.

Just think what if you or your family in need of those organs?

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  4. Further reading http://www.mst.org.my/ntrSite/index.htm

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Saturday, 28 January 2012

May All Good Things Be Yours....

Your happiness begins
With your wonderful wedding day.
You’ll share everything together;
Through it all, your love will stay.
Congratulations to you,
As you begin your happy life.
May all good things be yours,
As new husband and new wife.

By Joanna Fuchs


Walla.... my first making cupcakes!!

I know it looks good. But the truth is, the cupcakes taste bad. So bad. Until my always-hungry-brother Izham only ate it one!

My mistake is that, I'm using a tepung kek naik sendiri as a flour. Then.... I add some more baking powder. Make it taste well..slightly bitter...

Opsy a cupcakes!!

Well, I'm not gonna give up. Gonna try again, first thing in the morning...

Wish me luck! he-he....