Sunday, 6 February 2011

Contact Lens is a piece of PLASTIC!

She is brown skin, Asians and oh... she have a green eyes? Well thanks to the science that can create beauty. Specifically in this case CONTACT LENS.

How many of us wearing spectacles? i bet in our circles of friends, probably more then half of us. Especially me who is surrounded by a brilliant people. hehehe.. Most of my friends have myopia (nearsightedness).

1. In 1508, Contact lens concept was first discovered by LEONARDO DA VINCI in his Codex of the eye... ALTER VISION USING WATER.

2. BUT the very first real contact lenses : 1887 ! It’s like brown lenses rested on the sclera, and raised off the cornea-he filled in the empty spaced between cornea and lens with a solution of grape sugar. So tak boleh pakai lame-lame….

3. Types of contact lenses are HARD and SOFT. Hard lenses are divided into 2 which are rigid (oxygen can’t get through) and RGP ( Rigid water permeable) which the oxygen can pass through to our cornea. While the soft lenses is hydrogel type. This type is commonly used in early 2000, but then there is a new silicone hydrogel contact lenses. This new type is certainly better cause it permits oxygen though our cornea and its much more comfortable wearing it.

4. Indications of wearing contact lenses are :

· Corrective contact lenses( tak yah la pakai spec kan)

· Therapeutic contact lenses ( ini utk case like keratoconus, korea dia tak rata)

· Constructional material (utk betulkan korena, mcm pakai braces jugak tp ini utk bentukkan kornea)

· Cosmetic conact lenses (daa, untuk cantek laa)

5. Steps before you wear contact lenses are:

· FITTING. Which using a keratometer to measure the curve of the front based of your eyes so called BASED CURVE. This is important to know whether it is too flat or too steep.Because if it’s not fit, then u gonna be in trouble.. Caused ur lenses will move each time you blink. And then can caused an ABBRASION then will lead to KERATITIS (infection of cornea) and last but not least BLLLIIINNNDD

· TEAR FILM. Check whether it is too dry or marginally dry. This is for the types of contact lenses that u can used. Such as, if ur eyes is too dry, u might need a different contact lenses.

· And of course ur VISION. You might be recommended to wear slightly below your spectacles power.

Severe Keratitis

Bile dah jadi mcm nie, menyesal tak sudah....

SO moral value for today is:


Org kedai optic tue tahu jual je..kalau mate jadi ape2, bukan dorg tanggung..

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