Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Air Terjun

Last week my friends and me decided to go hiking to see the beautiful waterfall... Well i heard bout it. Alhamdulillah sampai jugak dkt atas sana. It tooks us 2 hours and half to reach on the top. As u know, we are not true hiker, so we stop almost every half an hour walking. The track are quite challenging... But we did it.. heheh..

So here are the video i took some pictures i would like to share.... =)


Tinggikan air terjun die? kalau berdiri dekat angin die kuat sgt, mcm titanic!!

Pose depan one of Allah's magnificence creation

Yedy and me

Still smiling even my feet hurts..

Pacat! Siape tahu beza pacat dengan lintah?
I kene 1 pacat dekat tangan, dengan ade 2 dkt seluar, lucky i wore jeans yg tebal, tak sempat tembus lagi..


ok there is an interesting story in this picture. First of all, its a medic crew comes in handy, Johan need it coz die kene pacat dkt perut! ok perut? how come? i pun tak tau la mcm mane blh kene dkt situ. And the bleeding won't stop. He keeps mumbling about it all the way. Arh.. and then pacat marah kot kan,.then die kene gigit lagi dkt kaki and tapak kaki.. so the medic crew dtg la..
then we want to take picture, but then ade bumble bee!!! buzzing around me and yedi...
punye pandai la photographer itu.. main snap je..
so there you go..

ps: elisya supposed to join us, but she got sick with diarrhea... to bad!! anyway get well soon gurl..

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