Sunday, 30 December 2012

I'm a doctor

Someone very dear to me said, "Medicine is your profession. You get paid to treat your patient. Whether you like it or not, you need to have excellent knowledge about your patient and their diseases. You cannot jeopardize their trust just because you have lack of knowledge & interest."

Hmmphh... No matter how weary and heavy my heart is to go to work. Guess i have to learn and be the best for my patients..

"Medicine is long life study"

Knowledge can repels evil whisperers on the soul and it rids one of worries and troubles
-Ibn Hazm

Friday, 28 December 2012


If you notice. November, 0 entry.
I guess November is my introvert month (suke hati je label that). Anyway, there are times when I doubt myself, I don't have confident, when my self-esteem drop to negative one hundred and thirty two. Whatever I'm doing, everything doesn't seems to be right!
I get tired easily. I have no motivation to work.

Well things like that do happens to me.

Right now I'm trying my best-est to gain and be myself back. I try to spend time with family more often. Recite more pages of Qur'an. Bed time story with Terjemahan Qur'an (ditch all the romance novels). I find it helpful. A lot helpful.

You know. Your fear is only to Allah SWT.
Whatever happens to you, good bad bad bad good... all has been decide. And how many good and bad is always the maximum deeds that we can earn in this world before we die.
Believe me!

You know what I did just know that makes me feels relieve. I  join for volunteering. Time and sweat volunteer. Not money volunteer. =P
I registered for non-profit organization Mercy Malaysia & Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM) .
Apparently, after register. They don't straight away send you to anywhere.
You need to go for induction. So I'm still waiting for next induction to join and be ready to do volunteer.
 I think it's going to be amazing!

Being in service to others leads to happiness.
Prophet SAW
"Whoever has extra provision, should give from it to the one who has no provision. And whoever has an extra mount should give with his extra to the one who has mount" 

Ps: Currently, doing my Obstetrics & gynecology Department as my 3rd posting in HUKM. Not really enjoying it as I used to be when I'm doing practical as a student there. As the responsibility gets heavier and pressure is so intense. 
Will do my best- InsyaAllah. 

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Summer is over

Summer is over. This is how i feel after long between posting holiday off. Done my Surgery Department. I was in colorectal and endocrine & breast team. To be honest, it quite a bit challenging in both team. But anyway, I'm not gonna tell bout work.

I went to Kota Kinabalu! The highlight part of it is not the things I do there. But because I get to meet Muni. My beloved best-est friend. And also I get to see sunshine! God knows how long I've been working am-pm only company by moon & stars while driving.

It just Uh-may-Zing!

Muni & Me at Pasar Filiphino

 The first thing we did is talk talk talk.......We have a lot to catch up though. pheww~

Mesmerizing view on my way for Canopy Walk in Poring, KK.

Hey, I'm on top of the ... TREE !

Fact: I'm 100meter above sea level !!!  (muke cover gayat)

Deathly Canopy Walk: someone actually died here. (spooky) 

Muni post-call and i forced her for snorkeling in three island (cian die kene bully)

Sapi Island babeh

Sunburn oh no...

I've seen all the marine !
 Thats some of the experience in KK. It just awesome!
Thanks to Muni for all the hospitality...

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Noble

Sahih International:
Know that the life of this world is but amusement and diversion and adornment and boasting to one another and competition in increase of wealth and children - like the example of a rain whose [resulting] plant growth pleases the tillers; then it dries and you see it turned yellow; then it becomes [scattered] debris. And in the Hereafter is severe punishment and forgiveness from Allah and approval. And what is the worldly life except the enjoyment of delusion.

Qur'an 57:20

"Ya Allah, I seek for your forgiveness, for I have sinned. Give me strength to overcome my temptations, for I am weak"

Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Fate

I was constructed for you.
You were molded for me.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Gurly gurly day with Izhanis...

It's been a long time since I have a chance to spend time with my sister. No point of work hard if u didn't know how to play hard. Am i right?
Here some pictures i would love to share...

U guys should try this store. The price is slightly cheaper then Zara and slightly expensive then Cotton On. But the design is very sophisticated !!
Betul tak tipu, especially when u can get 10% discount if u are a student. Well, i used Hani's card to get the discount. 


Ok. Then, now I'm exhausted.
Till then. =)


Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Vanilla Twilight

I'll watch the night turn light blue
But it's not the same without you
Because it takes two to whisper quietly
The silence isn't so bad
Till I look at my hands and feel sad
Cause the spaces between my fingers
Are right where yours fit perfectly

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


So don't you worry your pretty little mind
People throw rocks at things that shine
And life makes love look hard
The stakes are high, the water's rough, but this love is ours....

Saturday, 25 August 2012

My pledge to you

I will kill the lizards for you. I try. But not frogs.
I will share my vanilla ice cream with you when you have finished all yours and are still hungry.
I will try my hardest not to get annoyed when you tell your weird jokes in front of our friends.
I will let you win over the road mapping bet. Sometimes. Other times, i will not. Especially when bad traffic.
I will send you random texts. Not always. Not on schedule. Whenever i want to, whenever i think you need one. Or seven.
I will check your flight departure. I will remind you the timing when you have to leave home.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Wise Words

Hate no one, no matter how much they have wronged you. 
 Live humbly, no matter how many you 've become.  
Think positively no matter how hard life is.  
Give, even you have been given little.  
Keep in touch with the one who have forgotten you.  
Forgive those who have wronged you  
And do not stop praying for those who you love. 
- Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib -

Ramadhan 1433

Ya Allah Pardon My Sins Which Are Many,
Accept My Prayer Which Are Very Little.

Salam All,
Let welcome Ramadhan with our warmth and love ... 
We never know, this might be our last Ramadhan... 

Many people did not realize how this holy month can do so much blessing and benefit for us. Most of us just know Ramadhan is a month for Muslims to Fast. Sahur-Niat-Puasa-Bukak Puasa (terawikh or baca Qur'an).... tgk lah kalau sempat. 

That's wrong. Kindergarten kids can fast. In fact , we never know. Their deeds for fasting is double or triple us adults. Ramadhan is a month for Muslims to perform all sunnah that Nabi Muhammad SAW taught us. 
Pahala berlipat kali ganda. If only people can see how much we earn after doing good in this month. I bet all of us, running to mosque to perform terawikh. No one will go back after 8 rakaah. Everybody will stay until 20 rakaah for terawikh. 
Who knows, no one will actually go to work. All of us just want to pray and pray... 
If... we can see what Allah grant us. 

Well, i said this. To remind me as well. 
We humans.
Making sins is like walking in a watery floor while try not to wet our feet.
 (something like that, I recall from Nabi Sulaiman to Puteri Balqis) -if im not mistaken.  Correct me if im wrong.

 Salam Ramadhan! 

Friday, 13 July 2012

Not Love

Your salary is not love and your word is not love. Your clothes are not love and holding hands is not love. Sex is not love and a kiss is not love. Long letters are not love and a text is not love. Flowers are not love and a box of chocolates is not love. Sunsets are not love and photographs are not love. The stars are not love and a beach under the moonlight is not love. The smell of someone else on your pillow is not love and the feeling of their skin touching your skin is not love. Heart-shaped candy is not love and an overseas holiday is not love. The truth is not love and winning an argument is not love. Warm coffee isn't love and cheap cards bought from stores are not love.  Tears are not love and laughter is not love. A head on a shoulder is not love and messages written at the front of books given as gifts are not love. Apathy is not love and numbness is not love. A pain in your chest is not love and clenching your fist is not love. Rain is not love.

Only you. Only you, are love.


ps: omg! im so in love reading this... 

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Agree to disagree

To love the imperfections,
To agree to disagree.
If you find one, marry him. 

Here are some beautiful quotes from a movie The Vows:
The scene when they giving vow to each other before saying I do. 
(so sweet)

"I vow to help you love life, to always hold you with tenderness, to have the patience that love demands, to speak when words are needed, and to share the silence when they are not, to agree to disagree about red velvet cake, to live within the warmth of your heart, and always call it home."

"I vow to fiercely love you in all your forms, now and forever. I promise to never forget that this is a once in a lifetime love."


Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Pain of each other - House Officer Entry

Kajang- HO died for taking booster drug after 5 days of working straight.

Dear friend of mine, crying in a room for 2 days because of stress in the hospital. Get scolded everyday. Expect to finish a lot of task in little of time. Get shouted, get humiliated.
All of us who started our Houseman CRIED the first month of work.
It's terrible. 

*well u can judge*

MO - House Officer now a days are too pampered. They are doing less work. Less working hours. Hence, get better paid compared to our time.

Specialist- Government made a wonderful job so that the doctors workload and burden won't be too much.

Some said House Officer now a days are lazy, not-to-the-par, incompetent, slow and pampered. 

Yes. I agree.
We are not-to-the-par
We are incompetent
We are slow
We are pampered


We are trying.
We are doing our best to keep up with the work load.
It's a process.

That's why we have 2 years to learn those things.
Don't aspect us to learn everything in 2 days or in a week. or during tagging.
No. I'm not complaining. But I'm just saying, don't because of one or two house officer that been absconded from work. Then u blame all the house officer in the whole country.

Honestly, for me. Being a house officer is not  as easy as a candy. It has an up and down on its own way. So please guide us, don't shout at us.
Anyway, I wrote this entry bcoz I read one MO blog, writing bout how ungrateful HO are. And I just so mad. Coz he just jump into conclusion and assumed that all of us is not doing our job well.

As for my MO - for now, very helpful and kind. Willing to help every time we need.
I'm thankful for that. Thank God. I love em' all.
I hope I nvr come across those judgmental MO's in future...

"Judge not the person who try & fail, but judge the person who fail to try"

Too All my Dear Friends who going through house officer, 

Qur'an Surah Insyirah (the expansion, solace, consolation & relief) Surah 94

Have we not opened ur breast for you?
And removed you, your burden
Which weigh down ur back?
And raised high ur fame?
So verily, with the hardship, there is relief.
Verily, with the hardship, there is relief
And to ur Lord turn your invocations 


Sunday, 13 May 2012

Im old

Nothing much to say. But I'm old...
I feel an old lady...

Friday, 30 March 2012

The Beginners

Hello World. Goodbye my old-nice-cozy-lovely-awesome student life...
Just finished my induction today at Tiara Beach Resort, Port Dickson. Somehow I feel like - I have an hour to live before I die.
Been thinking what should I do for my last weekend as free man.
I got my second choice posting which is in HUKM (Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia).

Been thinking about appealing, but when there are some of my friends who didn't actually get what is in their choices hospital to go. So, aku bersyukur dengan takdir Allah SWT ini.

Heard so many good and bad stories about this hospital. Been there twice, and the doctors are all scary. Even medical student there scares me.
There are like all looking so BRILLIANT! you know, the one who wore a spec, a doctor coat, holding a thick book, walking with a speed like running, talking stuff that I never heard about...
The main point is, it's scary!

Anyway, here is my plan.

1) I'm just gonna go there, get myself registered.
2) Get to know the surrounding like the ward and lab. (ok i lied, actually i nak tahu canteen - nak test makanan sodap ke idak)
3) Just do my work and learn in the process.

#prayforizreen (buat trend dkt tweet pun blh)

Dis is from my mom,
She asks me to read this and amalkan...

O ye who believe! Persevere in patience and constancy; vie in such perseverance; strengthen each other; and fear Allah; that ye may prosper.

"Wahai Orang-orang beriman! Bersabarlah kamu dan kuatkanlah kesabaranmu dan tetaplah bersiap-siap ( di atas perbatasan negerimu) dan bertakwalah kepada Allah agar kamu beruntung "

(Qur'an Al-Imran Verse 2oo)

When u going through Housemanship, Ur parents is also going through Housemanship !
by Dato' Dr. Sree


At Tiara Beach Resort with Dr. Syura

Surat yang ditunggu-tunggu

Friday, 9 March 2012

Cartoonist of Prophet Muhammad SAW burns to death

Two years ago a cartoonist Kurt Westergaard draws our Prophet Muhammad SAW cartoon wearing a bomb in his turban in order to spread his view about Islam.

The Danish authorities are trying their best to hide his death, who have found no clue about how the fire broke out and why only the room in which Kurt was staying had been damaged.

The investigative report says the incident took place some days back in which Westergaard was burnt seriously and died on the spot, but the international media is completely silent about it. The report further claims that some eyewitnesses are also available to testify the happenings. The Danish authorities have so far been unable to find any hint about the cause of fire, as they had started investigations while keeping in mind some external conspiracy to kill the blasphemer.

According to the BBC, a total of twelve persons were involved in the blasphemous act, but all of them, except Kurt, had opted to go underground to escape the public wrath after the Muslims around the world had participated in protest rallies which were attended by millions of people.

After the protests throughout the Muslim world, still he doesn’t feel sorry nor regret what he had done. In fact, he received an award on how brave he is for the controversy drawings. The Danish authorities provided complete security to him, as he had been enraged due to the repeated publication of the caricatures in the European press.

Denmarks Radio TV In All Honesty - February 2, 2008.

Kaare Quist: For many of us it sounds like a thriller from Hollywood to live underground.But first I want to go back in time to two years ago, when you had to draw this drawing..You were contacted by Jyllands-Posten and are told to draw the prophet Mohammed as you see him.Why did you draw him this way?

Kurt Westergaard: Well this drawing I made is very simple, it was done quickly, and I think it clearly illustrates that there are terrorists who get their spiritual dynamite or their spiritual ammunition from Islam.The drawing is not about Islam as a whole, but it is about a fraction of this religion which is used.

Kaare Quist: At the time you drew it; did you have any idea about how much commotion it would create?

Kurt Westergaard: No I didn't,

Kaare Quist: So for you it was just another day at the office?

Kurt Westergaard: Yes just another day at the office as they say in English. Yes, exactly.

Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard (L) receives the award from German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Joachim Gauck during the M110 Media Award ceremony at Sanssouci Palace on September 8, 2010 in Potsdam, Germany. The M100 Media Prize will be awarded for Kurt Westergaard's 'unbending engagement for freedom of the press and freedom of opinion and for his courage to defend these democratic values despite threats of death and violence,' the prize committee said. Danish Cartoonist Westergaard drew the most controversial of 12 caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, first published in a Danish newspaper in 2005, which sparked protests across the Muslim world.

Some of extreme Muslims tried to kill him. Several times in fact. This proof that he is right to tell the world on how violent Islam is. But guess what, the one who attacks you, doesn’t know what really Islam is.

At first when I read it on the internet, I’m not sure the news is true or not. This is because there isn’t any news in paper or TV.

In fact, if u Google it, you going to find the plot of how many Muslims trying to kill him.

It’s so sad to see the media controls the world mind into hating Islam so much.

Don’t they know their country that put war in Iraq, Bosnia, and Palestine… Killing their children and wife’s. Burn our mosque and school. Just to destroy Islam and take their oil.

Surprisingly in the news saying how bad violent ruthless Islam is.

Well, we don’t have to do anything.

Balasan Allah SWT di dunia pun dah dapat…

Wallah hu alam (Sesungguhnya hanya Allah SWT yang mengetahui)


Thursday, 8 March 2012

A drop in the ocean

It's like a drop in the ocean
The change in the weather
I was praying that you and me might end up together
It's like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert...

But I'm holding you closer than most
Cause you are my heaven....

If that's love? then I'm gone

If That's Love
I'm Giving Up
My Heart Can't Take It Anymore

If That's All
It's Not Enough
You'll Watch Me Walk Right Out That Door

It's Like You Said Before It's Nothing Personal
I Must Be Moving On
If That's Love Then I'm Gone

Friday, 17 February 2012

Meant to be...

A heart was meant to beat.

And air was meant to be breathed, close to your ear.

And your skin was meant to remember what mine felt like.

And some songs were meant to play on repeat.

And the sun was meant to come down.

And we were meant to ignore it when it woke up.

And days were meant to pass.

And nights were meant to follow.

And your eyes were meant to cry out whatever pain was left.

And I never meant to hurt you.

But I guess that's what everyone says.


Monday, 13 February 2012

My new Mini Addict !

May pictures tell thousand words for adorable yet elegant and fast mini cooper. Driving it was so adrenaline-rushing... I drove 160km/h without any guilt. wahaha.. (won't do it again- unless i have to). *peace*
Anyway, didn't think that i might actually hooked with a car, as all my life before this I only dream of having an amazing house when i grew up. But now, i guess mini changed it. Car is so addictive and it's important for you to drive the car that u love!!

ps: thank u Ayah... =))

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Gift of Live

I was just searching and doing some reading to increase my knowledge about Malaysia Health promotion programs. Then I stuck at this particular page...

Register for Organ Transplant

Kidding right? I'm serious!!
We never thought an organ transplant can happen in developing country. We don't have the technology as good as USA. Our law is strict that there is no black market for organ transplant like in India, China and Thailand.


Kidney Transplant (1975)
A bussinessman received a kidney donor from his brother.
Until 1995, 518 patients undergone kidney transplantation surgery. 509 cases are from living donor dan 9 are from cadaveric donor.

Liver Transplant (1995)
20 liver transplantation were successfully performed in this country.

Heart Transplant (1997)
First heart transplant was in December 1997, while the second and third successful surgeries were done in 1998. One of the successful heart transplant surgeries is the heart transplant surgeries performed on R.Sethurugnan. He is one of the heart recipients who live as a normal individual. He suffered an acute heart disease prior to the transplant.

Other then that, Malaysia has record sucessful transplant surgeries for some tissues such as eye cornea, bone and bone marrow.

Lung and pancreas transplant have never performed in Malaysia due to donor unavailability, not because of unavailability of the expertise or equipment.

In Malaysia we have a Malaysia Society of Transplantation since 1994.
You can find the answers about Organ donating...


We heard some say organ donating is haraam because it inflicts physical damage and pain to the deceased. But according to Fatwas around the world says that organ transplantation is a must.
Even in Malaysia (JAKIM). The law for organ transplantation is allowed with the permission from the donor prior before passing away or brain dead.

In Qur'an
Surah Al-Maidah, verse 32

" if anyone saves a life, it will be as if he saves the life of all mankind"

Every year, thousand of Malaysians in dire need of an organ transplantat die before a donor can be found.
This is a noble option indeed.

Just think what if you or your family in need of those organs?

  1. The Current practice of Organ Transplant In Malaysia by Dr. Basri in Journal Of Human Sciences.
  2. Article : Islam And Organ Donation by Dr. Abu Bakar in
  3. Keputusan Fatwa Derma Organ oleh Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia.
  4. Further reading

happy reading...

till then :)

Saturday, 28 January 2012

May All Good Things Be Yours....

Your happiness begins
With your wonderful wedding day.
You’ll share everything together;
Through it all, your love will stay.
Congratulations to you,
As you begin your happy life.
May all good things be yours,
As new husband and new wife.

By Joanna Fuchs


Walla.... my first making cupcakes!!

I know it looks good. But the truth is, the cupcakes taste bad. So bad. Until my always-hungry-brother Izham only ate it one!

My mistake is that, I'm using a tepung kek naik sendiri as a flour. Then.... I add some more baking powder. Make it taste well..slightly bitter...

Opsy a cupcakes!!

Well, I'm not gonna give up. Gonna try again, first thing in the morning...

Wish me luck! he-he....