Thursday, 26 July 2012

Ramadhan 1433

Ya Allah Pardon My Sins Which Are Many,
Accept My Prayer Which Are Very Little.

Salam All,
Let welcome Ramadhan with our warmth and love ... 
We never know, this might be our last Ramadhan... 

Many people did not realize how this holy month can do so much blessing and benefit for us. Most of us just know Ramadhan is a month for Muslims to Fast. Sahur-Niat-Puasa-Bukak Puasa (terawikh or baca Qur'an).... tgk lah kalau sempat. 

That's wrong. Kindergarten kids can fast. In fact , we never know. Their deeds for fasting is double or triple us adults. Ramadhan is a month for Muslims to perform all sunnah that Nabi Muhammad SAW taught us. 
Pahala berlipat kali ganda. If only people can see how much we earn after doing good in this month. I bet all of us, running to mosque to perform terawikh. No one will go back after 8 rakaah. Everybody will stay until 20 rakaah for terawikh. 
Who knows, no one will actually go to work. All of us just want to pray and pray... 
If... we can see what Allah grant us. 

Well, i said this. To remind me as well. 
We humans.
Making sins is like walking in a watery floor while try not to wet our feet.
 (something like that, I recall from Nabi Sulaiman to Puteri Balqis) -if im not mistaken.  Correct me if im wrong.

 Salam Ramadhan! 

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