Friday, 28 December 2012


If you notice. November, 0 entry.
I guess November is my introvert month (suke hati je label that). Anyway, there are times when I doubt myself, I don't have confident, when my self-esteem drop to negative one hundred and thirty two. Whatever I'm doing, everything doesn't seems to be right!
I get tired easily. I have no motivation to work.

Well things like that do happens to me.

Right now I'm trying my best-est to gain and be myself back. I try to spend time with family more often. Recite more pages of Qur'an. Bed time story with Terjemahan Qur'an (ditch all the romance novels). I find it helpful. A lot helpful.

You know. Your fear is only to Allah SWT.
Whatever happens to you, good bad bad bad good... all has been decide. And how many good and bad is always the maximum deeds that we can earn in this world before we die.
Believe me!

You know what I did just know that makes me feels relieve. I  join for volunteering. Time and sweat volunteer. Not money volunteer. =P
I registered for non-profit organization Mercy Malaysia & Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM) .
Apparently, after register. They don't straight away send you to anywhere.
You need to go for induction. So I'm still waiting for next induction to join and be ready to do volunteer.
 I think it's going to be amazing!

Being in service to others leads to happiness.
Prophet SAW
"Whoever has extra provision, should give from it to the one who has no provision. And whoever has an extra mount should give with his extra to the one who has mount" 

Ps: Currently, doing my Obstetrics & gynecology Department as my 3rd posting in HUKM. Not really enjoying it as I used to be when I'm doing practical as a student there. As the responsibility gets heavier and pressure is so intense. 
Will do my best- InsyaAllah. 


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