Thursday, 6 December 2012

Summer is over

Summer is over. This is how i feel after long between posting holiday off. Done my Surgery Department. I was in colorectal and endocrine & breast team. To be honest, it quite a bit challenging in both team. But anyway, I'm not gonna tell bout work.

I went to Kota Kinabalu! The highlight part of it is not the things I do there. But because I get to meet Muni. My beloved best-est friend. And also I get to see sunshine! God knows how long I've been working am-pm only company by moon & stars while driving.

It just Uh-may-Zing!

Muni & Me at Pasar Filiphino

 The first thing we did is talk talk talk.......We have a lot to catch up though. pheww~

Mesmerizing view on my way for Canopy Walk in Poring, KK.

Hey, I'm on top of the ... TREE !

Fact: I'm 100meter above sea level !!!  (muke cover gayat)

Deathly Canopy Walk: someone actually died here. (spooky) 

Muni post-call and i forced her for snorkeling in three island (cian die kene bully)

Sapi Island babeh

Sunburn oh no...

I've seen all the marine !
 Thats some of the experience in KK. It just awesome!
Thanks to Muni for all the hospitality...

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