Thursday, 4 August 2011

Miss Complained

It's August people! Marhaban ya Ramadhan. I'm now doing my Paeds cycle in RS Simpangan Depok. It's a veeeeeeery small hospital which may consume only 15 bed max for children!

For major cycle, this is the first time I was assign in such 'cute' hospital for 10 hold weeks. My working hours starts from 8 am till 4 pm, and oncall every 2 days. To cut it short, basically i have lots and lots free time in the hospital. Where my patients only 2-6 tops.
I complained.

"Isk, RS kecik nak belajar ape?"

"My precious time is wasted in this freakin' Hosp!" *at wits end*

"Ok, dah habis follow up. Now what?"

"Ah, benci la hospital nie"

"Perawat itu bodoh, malas plak tue, ganti infus pun nak cari Coass! "

I complained. Complained. Complained. Everyday!

Till I'm tired of complaining.

Then I realized, if I was send in a big hospital where my patients is triple my work is double, would i be complaining too? Hell, yeah. huhu..
I'm such a complainer.

That's not good.

From now on, I will be grateful with what I have.

"Pasien skit pun tak pe la, boleh concentrate more on em"

"Oh, dah habis follow up, now i nak study la... then gonna watch CSI" Muahahah...

"Kakak nak suruh coass ganti infus? boleh2... I don't mine doing nurses work" At least i learning. Mane tahu nak bukak hospital sendiri ke nanti in future.

Ha...that's more I like it. =)

Optimistic Me.

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