Thursday, 4 August 2011

Nicotine Withdrawal

I made this entry especially for my Dad. He is now going through the rough patch of nicotine withdrawal. It's been a month and half since his last cigarette. Well, he promised me, before I graduate in Meds he will stops smoking. I made him promised before aged 50 yo he will definitely quitting smoking. Aminn.
For now I know how hard is it to overcome the urge to smoke, especially you started smoking since teenager.
Here are some review and tips for you.

This is a drug that contain inside the tobacco leaves. Not much different from Cocaine, Cannabis or Amphetamines. All of them gives an instant pleasure but hell later in live. What makes it differ from any other euphoria drugs is that nicotine is legal in the country. It's weird isn't it? Well, I blame it on the politics. The nicotine or tobacco industries does buy politics. So they can freely sell their self destructing drugs.

How does it works?
Nicotine is believed to produce its positive reinforcing and addictive properties by activating the dopaminergic pathway projecting. In addition to activating this dopamine reward system, nicotine causes an increase in the concentrations of circulating norepinephrine and epinephrine and an increase in the release of vasopressin, β-endorphin, adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), and cortisol. These hormones are thought to contribute to the basic stimulatory effects of nicotine on the CNS.

To cut it short, nicotine activated all ur happy hormones.

What is nicotine withdrawal?
Nicotine withdrawal occur when a person who is nicotine dependence stops smoking. The withdrawal symptoms can develop within 2 hours of smoking the last cigarette; they generally peak in the first 24-48 hours and can last for weeks or months.

The symptoms include:
  1. Intense craving for nicotine
  2. Tension, depressed mood
  3. Irritability, frustration or anger
  4. Difficulty concentrating
  5. Drowsiness
  6. Paradoxical trouble sleeping
  7. Decreased heart rate & blood pressure
  8. Increase appetite and weight gain
  9. Decrease motor performance
  10. Increase muscle tension
Tips to overcome the symptoms:
  1. Intense craving for nicotine --> healthy diet!
  2. Tension, depressed mood --> eat , love and pray!
  3. Irritability, frustration or anger --> Qur'an
  4. Difficulty concentrating --> need a lot of rest
  5. Drowsiness --> sit down and take a deep breath
  6. Paradoxical trouble sleeping --> exercise! exercise! excercise!
  7. Decreased heart rate & blood pressure --> It's ok, it doesn't effect your daily life.
  8. Increase appetite and weight gain --> watch out the calories!
  9. Decrease motor performance --> playing sports... such as golf! =)
  10. Increase muscle tension --> take your time to relax
Well, there's a simple tips for you. Not much helps, but so you know Mama, Kak In, Baam, Hani & Iza will always support you....

There is a medical treatment for quitting smoking. I know you've tried, but it doesn't work. Guess the main point in quitting is by the heart!

I know you can do it! You are half-way through.....

So proud of you....

Your daughter,
Kak In


  1. Love U too 3 4 ayah! U can DO IT! nak tunggu iza lambat lagi laaa>>>> Awesome ayah! U r THE BEST! Love u SOOO much... (IZA)

  2. goodluck uncle ramli! oh izreen, ayah aku dulu brenti kejap then he's back on smoking.. haiyo sudah penat memberi semangat.haha -izzat-

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