Sunday, 29 May 2011

Comfy or Sexy ?

One fine lovely day, while i was strolling at the mall. This one person caught my eyes. I saw this fully covered lady walking pass by me. She wears a rainbow colour hijab. Her face was natural, with just a light make up. That's enough to make her glowing and out-shinned everyone.

In the split second, contradictory i saw another different lady who wore very high skirts, super duper high heels, with her breast is half shown wearing a thin tube. Until it looked like she almost naked.

why we wear clothes in the first place?

For attention? For a charming rich guy come and ask to marry you? for people to notice you? oh yeah, for fashion? u know trend? That's all wrong people. Human first wearing clothes is.... to cover our body!

So, by looking at the second lady, do you think she is comfortable with what she is wearing? Does it worth to spend your time and money?

Think. And think clearly dearest women.lady.girl.

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