Saturday, 29 January 2011


WOW! It’s been almost one year I masuk clinical. Tinggal another 10 bulan lagi.. Hopefully semua cycle berjalan lancar. AMinnn

Now I dkt Sukabumi lagii yoo.... it’s like 2-3 hours journey from Jakarta. But kalau macet (jammed), blh sampai 7 jam Ohh..

Sukabumi nie mcm Cameron Highlands la dkt Msia. So u can imagine the road. (@_@)

This is my second time coming here. The first time I’m doing my Dermatology cycle….

We explore sukabumi every chance we get. Here some of the special memories…

Far to the left, Nisa. She is a beautiful nurse in our hosp. Her family cook for us, masakan

NASI KREMES (rase mcm nasi lemak la) but a bit different. Sedap kot, licin makan coz lapar baru lepas mandi.

And best part is MAKAN ATAS DAUN PISANG!!

This is the picture we took when we when to the riverside.. Its damn cold..

Having fun mandi sungai!! (lame gile kot dah tak mandi sungai mcm nie)

The next day, we ride like a pro babeh!! ‘_<

Well now I’m doing my Ophthalmology Cycle..the clinics is so tiring.. Ramai gile patients..sehari sampai 80 pun ade.

I wonder where they all come from.huhu.. well sukabumi is not that big..

Looking forward for another great adventure this tyme…


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