Saturday, 29 January 2011

The past is gone forever

I bet everyone must have something bad happen in their past. The one we regret so much and wish that we could do something to change it. Well I have one, urm actually quite alot. Sometimes when I think about it, i do cry. T_T
But here are some text that keeps ke going, i got this from "Don't Be Sad"
It says:

By brooding over the past and its tragedies, one exhibits a form of insanity- a kind of sickness that destroys resolve to live for the present moment.

Episodes of the past are finished with; sadness cannot retrieve them, melancholy cannot make things right, and depression will never bring the past back to life.


Do not live in the nightmares of former times or under the shade of what you have missed. Save yourself from the ghostly apparition of the past. Do you think that you can return the sun to its place of rising, the baby to its mother's womb, milk to the udder, or tears to the eye?

"That Was A Nation Who Has Passed Away" (Qur'an 2:134)

Former days are gone dan done with, and you benefit nothing by carrying out an autopsy over them, by turning the wheels of history.

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