Thursday, 19 June 2014

Primi Gravida Story

Still can remember vividly the moment we knew i was pregnant. I was 2 weeks late from my period. My husband (Rizal) insist of waiting for him before I did my UPT (he was working in Perlis while i was still in KL).
We did it together.
The line was clear. 2 stokes!! And i was pregnant at 6 weeks!

We were so overwhelmed. We goggled and see Inara was the size of a grain at that time.

First trimester was the worst. I had a bad morning sickness. I vomitted in the car almost every morning. I once had wear scrubs in the ward because i puke on my shirts. Lucky i lived with my parents, my mum knows the best. She helps me get through day by day. 

Second trimester, yes. That's when i feels the best. We started to do shopping for Inara and babymoon trip to Tioman Island. It was the best. 

Third trimester, hmmm. I was lucky to work in the same hospital with Rizal. He supports me in a lot ways. I was doing my last cycle as house officer. Anesthesia department was so nice to me. That's why Inara finally came to this world as a healthy cute perfect little girl.


I was so pregnant #35weeks

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