Thursday, 24 November 2011

3 veils of darkness

When i learned bout USG, this one doc. Her name dr. Khatijoh. She teaches me how to do USG.

One thing I adore her is that every mother-to-be come and check up with us.
She will asks.

"Tahu maksud Bismillah?"

"Tahu maksud Aghuzubillah?"

When the mother-to-be know the answer, she will give compliment and told them how important mother with a good knowledge bout Islam.

She is very inspiring.

Apart from giving advice from a doctor, she reminds people

She give me some of Qur'an words about Ultrasound before it was create it's written in Qur'an.

Masya Allah..

"He creates you in the wombs of your mothers, creation after creation in three veils of darkness, such is Allah your Lord"
(Az-Zumar 39: 6)

Dalam Az- Zumar Ayat 6 dalam 3 kegelapan iaitu perut (abdomen ibu), rahim (uterus) & selaput yang menutupi anak (amnion sac).

And here some doa to recite for mother-to-be

"Dan aku mohon perlindungan-Mu untuknya anak cucunya dari (gangguan) setan yang terkutuk"
(Al-Imran 3:36)

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